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advantages of being a boy:

  • your boobs don’t get in the way
  • no period
  • your hormones don’t make you feel like a different person every week
  • no childbirth
  • penises are fun
  • shirts always fit over your chest 
  • you can walk around topless in summer without being arrested for it
  • you store less fat

advantages of being a girl:

  • can use your bra as an extra pocket


my sim caught her wife cheating on her with some guy like half an hour ago so she broke up with her and she’s already remarried she’s that bitch


you’re insecure

i know what for

you’re ugly

I'm curious. Reblog with your Url, City, & current Time agentcoulsonsupernanny: Pittsburgh, 1:29 PM
flyboywinchester: Eugene, 10:31 AM
totallyworksforthesmithsonian: San Francisco, 10:32 AM
mynameisthedoctor: Chester, England, 6:33 PM
amidstanoceanofdarkness: Liverpool, England, 6:35 PM
allthewaytothemaxine: Austin, Texas 12:37 PM
thelittleroxiesalvatore: Lund, Sweden, 7.40 PM
thefacadeoftheperfectdaughter: Manchester, England, 6:41PM
thisiskatherinepierce: Sunderland, England, 6:43PM
ninadobrevperfection: Birmingham, England, 6.48PM
somerhalderwhore: Montreal, Canada, 1.48 PM
lucyhalestorm: Mobile, Alabama, 12:50 PM
calistawellwood-district2: Tucson , Arizona 10:52 am
knife-girl: Wolverhampton, England. 18.53pm
hayffiechild: Falkirk, Scotland 21:41pm
mrseffieabernathy: Eldridge, Iowa 4:11pm
thereoncewasaginger: Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan, 6:38am
sh-watson-lock: Victoria, Canada, 2:51pm
lilyamongthewildflowers: Manchester, England 22:57
holmesiswheretheheartis.: Putney, Vermont, USA, 2:25pm
solveitwithchocolate: Sultan, Washington, 2:20pm
lokicoki: Cardiff, Wales, 22:25 pm
Jumpersandshawarma: Leeds, England, 22:49
suckerforsciencefiction: Hamburg, Germany, 00:02
gallifreyreturns: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 23:07
221B--Tardis: London, England, 23:06
time-lord-from-221b: Chicago, 5:09 PM
theworldsonlyconsultingpirate: London, England 23:14
bennyscrotch: Chicago, 5.28pm
god-particle: Napier, New Zealand, 2.16pm
fakenewsjunkies: Dallas, TX - US, 9:19 pm
wilsoncarestoomuch: Long Island New York, 10:23 pm
whatwouldharveydo: Dallas, TX 9:30 pm
itendswithakiss: Denton, Texas, 9:32PM
22705-booth-brennan: Adelaide, Australia 12:05 PM
447am: Melbourne, Australia, 12.37pm
imfeelingstreeptastic: Curitiba, Brazil, 11:40 PM
tylerlovesbones: Kennesaw, Georgia, 11:10pm
pretending-to-sleep: Springfeild, Ohio 11:12 PM
randomrisa: Middletown, New York 11:15pm
saraabigale: Chattanooga, Tennessee 11:37
emsac13: Madrid, Spain 13:57
all-the-songs-make-sense: Varna, Bulgaria 03:01 pm
caskett-addict: Paris, France 2:03pm
Ozziegirll Melbourne Australia: 10.08pm
Babycastle09: Melbourne, Australia. 10:09pm
imagine-a-worldwithoutme: Batangas, Philippines, 8:14 pm
thisonethingwithicecubes: Sao Paulo, Brazil, 9:21 am
bam-said-the-lady-caskett: Madrid, Spain, 14:22
honestlycastle: Cannes, France, 2:24 pm
arianna4president: Candiolo, Italy, 14.27
no1else-but-me: Cincinnati, Ohio, 8:49 am
tothedarklands: Southfield, Michigan, 8:55 am
saintdixon: Cincinnati, Ohio, 12:53 pm
bbloomlionk: Cincinnati, Ohio, 12:59 pm
paint-the-black-h0le-blacker: Elkhart, Indiana, 1:00 pm
impulsive-and-inked: Creston, Iowa, 12:32 am

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